Why does Vent charge for themed emotions? | Vent

Why does Vent charge for themed emotions?

Some of you may be wondering why Vent is charging people for on-going access to the special emotion sets such as Halloween, Star Wars, Valentines Day etc. This is a reasonable ponder... Vent is very much a free app and we genuinely focus our efforts on providing our users with what they want, while our mission is to have a positive effect on the world - rather than simply making money for a bunch of shareholders.
However, on-going development of new features costs money, this is in addition to the more mundane costs associated with running the app such as servers, software licencing and running costs. Our running costs alone (excluding development) are currently (mid-2017) around $15,000 per month. This is no small amount of money, paricularly when you consider that Vent is not a venture backed company like the other big name social networks that have millions (or hundreds of millions) in funding. We rely on you, our valued community for support to help Vent survive and improve. 
Whilst we appreciate to no end the very generous donations our users continue to make, be they $1, $5 or $500, we want to give you something for your support. Hence the availability of themed emotions for a small fee. The themed emotions will still be provided free of charge, and additional to our standard free emotions for short periods of time, after which they will become locked and made available to purchase for your ongoing use. The fees from the purchases go directly to supporting Vent, both to fund the ongoing day-to-day costs of keeping the app going, but also to develop new and improved features to help keep Vent evolving in exactly the way you want it to. 
As always, we value your feedback and your support, so please send us your thoughts for new themed emotion categories, and please do purchase some (or all) of your favorite themed emotions :) Thank you so much <3