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Issues with purchased emotions (Android)

Android users

For Android / Google Play Store users that have paid to unlock emotions and are now finding that they appear locked again, please follow these steps:

1) Ensure you are logged in to your Android device using the same Play Store account email address that you used when you purchased the emotions. If you are logged in to a different account, please log in to the correct account and then restart your device and open Vent again.

2) Check that both Google Play Services and Google Play Store apps are up to date

3) If this does not solve your issue, please try clearing your Play Store Data so that your device can synchronise up with Google Play again correctly. There's some steps here to help: Once you have cleared your Play Store Data, please log back in to the Play Store account that you used when purchasing the emotions, then restart your device and open Vent again.

4) If you have multiple Google Play accounts setup on your device, this is a known issue with Google - we have provided a link to some information that may assist further:

If you have tried all 4 steps detailed above and are still experiencing issues, please email us at with details and we can provide further assistance.