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Can I claim an inactive username?

Yes, you can claim an inactive or deactivated username by contributing a small donation that will go towards helping keep Vent running! An inactive username is an account that hasn't accessed or posted from the account in the past 12 months. Please see the guidelines below:

USD $10 donation for a 4 or more character username
USD $25 donation for a 3 character username
USD $50 donation for a 2 character username
USD $100 donation for a single character username

To claim a username, please forward the email receipt from your donation to and specify both your current username and the new username that you are wanting to claim. Please be aware we cannot always gaurantee that you will receive the username you have requested as it will be a 'first in first served' basis. Please also ensure that you forward the donation receipt from the same email account that the donation was made with. 

-> Click here to view the options for donating <-

Note: multiple usernames can be claimed via a single donation for the total dollar amount.